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music production and performance

pseudo-antigone is the experimental pop production moniker for simone a. medina polo. the project came to fruition throughout the covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, when pseudo-antigone picked up the reins of her music through audio engineering and attentiveness to technical production inspired by a love of midi, pc music, and electronic experiments. Her releases and features include:

  • Things Are Sinking In (EP, 2021)

  • Into the Void of Infinite Sadness (LP, 2021)

  • Into the Void of Infinite Remix (LP, 2021)

  • "Nature Makes A Scene - Ciudad de Mexico Remix" in Deep Covers' Redux (Remixes) (LP, 2021)

  • "Mt. unPleasant" in Sad China's ilyimy (LP, 2021)

  • "Coal Miner (Remix)" in Fitness' Fuller Weller (EP, 2022)

  • "VirgoVenus<3 (Remix)" in Sad China's i love you Remix you (LP, 2022)

“...Into the Void of Infinite Sadness, a spectacularly moving achievement of hyperpop: the frenetic, almost-satirical-but-also-legit, genre-flipping style of bouncing, exaggerated pop, which basically inhabits any genre.”
(Edmonton Journal)

“Each track delivers tongue-in-cheek, intellectual progressivism through its lyrics, carefully woven into a project inspired by experimental pop producers.” (Exclaim!)

“The entire outing is full of tunes that ooze sass and humour, which is ironic given the title and the fact that the record definitely seems steeped in emotion. It’s also steeped in intellectualism, and I loved the density of the lyrics combined with the unabashedly goofy aesthetics. This is a really fun record that also has emotional gravitas, stupidly catchy hooks, progressive production techniques and generally great songwriting.”
(Cups N Cakes Network)

Radio Chart Highlights:
#2 CJSW’s Electronic Top 10 – April 6, 2021 and April 13, 2021
#4 CJSW’s Top 30 – April 6, 2021
#4 CJSF’s Top 30 – August 24, 2021
#7 earshot!’s National Electronic Chart – April 13, 2021

ALBUM ARTWORK Into the Void of Infinite Sadness.png
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